Product Care

To ensure that your jewellery stays beautiful for many years, please bear in mind a few simple precautions

– Store jewellery items separately to avoid metal/stone abrasion and damage, ideally somewhere dry with low humidity.
– Have your jewellery professionally cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its radiance.
– Do not wear jewellery during gym exercise, swimming, gardening or any activity that involves exposing it to repeated knocking or scratching.
– All gemstones can easily chip if hit with hard enough force and at the right angle,even diamonds.
– Emeralds, pearls and opals are particularly delicate and can be easily damaged.
– Do not expose your jewellery to temperature extremes.
– Try not to wear your jewellery during activities that avoid chemicals or abrasives; avoid contact with nail polish remover, perfume or hairspray.
– Some wear and tear on jewellery worn regularly is unavoidable and can serve to enhance the history and the beauty of the piece.

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