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The Creative Room

Throughout our long heritage, one thing has set the House of Garrard name apart from all other jewellery houses; the talented designers and craftsmen in our workshop. Here in our creative room, we share some of our what drives and inspires our team, and how this influences our collections.

Creative Room
Old Book - Creative Room

Sources of Inspiration

Each time we design a new collection; our creative process is inspired by an array of motifs to illuminate our thinking. Some collections trace their origins back to a signature piece of high jewellery from The House of Garrard’s past. Other collections are bold, modern extrapolations of British cultural emblems. Sources of inspiration can come from taking a moment of natural beauty, such as the pattern and motions of a bird’s wing, or the sparkling of light on water, and crafting it into something eternal.

Our team also approaches the challenge of a new collection from the functional needs of a jewellery wearer, designing interchangeable, transformable pieces that can be worn in different ways to suit the changing times of the day.

Designed by Women for Women

In the words of our Creative Director, Sara Prentice “A Garrard piece is not created to be locked up in a safe; it is to be worn.”

Our all-female design team places a great emphasis on combining exceptional design with practical style and wearability. Thus many of their pieces are designed to be transformable and can be worn in different ways to suit any occasion. With this emphasis on making the most of each piece, our design team ensure that High Jewellery, headdresses, tiaras and many other pieces are designed to be simply changed, at home, into necklaces or earrings.

Invested in the quality of our designs, each piece is hand drawn in gouache paint to create a completely precious record for all of our collections.

Designed For Women By Women
“Design in jewellery is about a balance of form and materials, design should not overrule the stones you are highlighting; rather it should enhance their natural beauty. Proportion and beauty are key.”

Meet Sara Prentice, Creative Director

Sara Prentice joined Garrard in September 2012 as Creative Director. With a degree in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing from UCCA’s industry-renowned course, Sara’s career and experience as a fine jewellery designer spans over twenty years. During this time, she has gained extensive knowledge of the luxury and high jewellery market, designing many bespoke pieces and commercially successful lines.

In her role as Garrard’s Creative Director, Sara is enthusiastically spearheading the talented in-house, all-woman design team and evolving Garrard’s jewellery collections for the modern age, marrying tradition with contemporary style. Passing on the skills she has learned to her own team at Garrard, she ensures that each of our finished designs is still rendered by hand in gouache paint, continuing a Garrard’s tradition that traces back to our beginnings.


The House of Garrard has been long renowned for producing bespoke jewellery of timeless elegance, to be passed down through generations.

Today, Garrard continues to create the heirlooms of tomorrow, from engagement rings, to tiaras, to full wedding suites, using the finest gemstones in the world.

Each bespoke commission is a personal journey of discovery as your designer becomes fully immersed in your core inspirations and style. To begin your bespoke journey, please contact us for a personal appointment where a Garrard designer will guide you in creating your very own unique piece of fine jewellery.

Forever Current

Forever current

A piece of family jewellery is inherently more precious for its history, so commissions to redesign them are a great honour. Jewellery that has been passed on by another family member has its own unique story to tell.

So much can be done to take family pieces and weave fresh creations that still respect the integrity of their provenance. The House of Garrard will treasure the stories behind your jewellery, helping you to write the next chapter in your family story.

London’s Workshop

London's Workshop
London Workshop

Handcrafted in London

Since our beginnings we have crafted jewellery at our headquarters, producing work at our Albemarle Street workshop since 1911. While today’s workshop equipment helps us create pieces with more precision than ever before, many of the traditional skills and craft techniques we still use would be familiar to the earliest of Garrard’s craftspeople.

Workshop Toolbox

Modern Traditions

Having in-house creative control in Albemarle Street allows us to deliver the finest quality pieces with a uniquely modern approach, fusing together traditional craft skills with modern techniques.

This forging of old and new continues in our apprenticeship programme, as we foster promising talent into becoming the master craftsmen and women of The House of Garrard’s future.

Londons Workshop
London Workshop

Cabinet of Curiosities

Often over our 280 years, The House of Garrard has been called upon to create pieces to mark significant occasions in society. Here we share some of the more unusual examples of our craftwork. Today, we continue to represent our deep and treasured connection with sports, business, and other organisations worldwide, creating souvenirs, medals and trophies for the heroes of today and tomorrow.

Cabinet of Curiosities
Trophy - Cabinet of Curiosities


From The America’s Cup, to The Cricket World Cup and The Premier League Cup, The House of Garrard boasts a long tradition of contemporary trophies, sterling silver tableware and gifts of innovative design and impeccable execution.

Along with our existing range of silver gifts, our in-house design team can create unique bespoke awards and mementos to capture the spirit of any special event, whether a sporting occasion, a corporate milestone, or a particular award of recognition.

Our trophyware can also be supplied in tailored hand-made fitted cases and customised with any engraving required.

Invictus Medals


The House of Garrard has designed and issued a number of medals, including the KBE, DSO, CBE, Order of the Bath, and, most recently, the gold, silver and bronze medals and participants’ medallions for the Invictus Games and its patron, HRH Prince Harry.

Launched by the Prince, The Invictus Games harnesses the power of sport to generate a wider understanding and respect for those who have served their country. The medals are based on a concept from Harry Parker, who lost both his legs while serving in Afghanistan. Designed by House of Garrard, the medals use an embossed pattern, reminiscent of stitching, to represent the journey of recovery and rehabilitation to the wounded, injured and sick personnel participating in the Games.

Medals - Cabinet of Curiosities

The Bridal Room

Bridal Room
Typewriter - Bridal Room

A Lasting Love Affair

An engagement ring from The House of Garrard is a love story in the making, setting in stone one of life’s most precious moments.

Elegance is a natural companion to longevity. And with its timeless style, a new House of Garrard engagement ring will one day become a cherished heirloom, to be passed down through generations.

Lasting Love Affair
Love Story

Write your own love story

These exquisite bridal designs show the unrivalled quality of our materials and craftsmanship, illustrating why the gift says more when it’s from The House of Garrard.

The Queen Mary Room

In 1911, Queen Mary honoured The House of Garrard with a very special visit. The occasion was the first fitting of her Queen consort crown, which had been commissioned from The House of Garrard for the coronation of her husband, George V. The room was renamed by her royal permission.


Today this room houses items from our unique past and we invite you to discover a selection here. You are also most welcome to visit our flagship store in Albemarle Street and explore The Queen Mary Room in person.

Queen Mary Love Stories #

Royal Love Stories

The royal House of Garrard love stories begin in 1840 when Prince Albert commissioned the house to create a striking sapphire and white diamond cluster brooch as a wedding gift to his future wife, Queen Victoria of England. The great romance blossomed with nine children, of which the eldest son, Prince Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales, would commission The House of Garrard for a diamond and pearl parure (a traditional matching set of jewellery, popular during this time) as a gift to his own future bride, Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863. To symbolise the significance of this elegant suite, the Princess chose to wear the necklace, brooch and earrings on their wedding day in the same year.

Queen Mary’s fringe tiara, created as a necklace in 1830 using historic diamonds from George III and converted to a tiara in 1911, was worn by The Queen on her wedding day in 1947.

The House of Garrard love stories return full circle when in 2011 Prince William, Duke of Cambridge presented a Garrard sapphire and diamond cluster engagement ring to The Duchess of Cambridge upon their engagement. This vibrant and striking ring features Garrard’s signature cluster with a central Ceylon sapphire of singular beauty, surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds, set in 18 carat white gold.

Delhi Durbar Tiara

For the succession of King George V as Emperor of India, the Delhi Durbar Tiara was created by Garrard for Queen Mary to wear at the Durbar in 1911 on December 12th.
The Delhi Durbar tiara continues to this day to be worn by notable members of the Royal Family.

The Delhi Durbar necklace and Cullinan VII pendant incorporates nine of the celebrated Cambridge emeralds. The necklace commissioned from Garrard was of strikingly modern design and became one of the principal elements of Queen Mary’s magnificent parure, also created for the Delhi Durbar.

The diamond pendant featured is the 8.8 carat marquise known as Cullinan VII, one of the nine numbered stones cut from the Cullinan Diamond.

Tiara #
Marriage - Queen Mary Room

Sapphire and diamond cluster

In 1840, Prince Albert commissioned The House of Garrard to create an extraordinary blue sapphire and diamond cluster brooch, which he gave as a wedding gift to his bride, Queen Victoria. This symbol of their love continues to be worn by members of the Royal Family to this day.

It is believed that, in 1981, HRH Prince Charles was inspired by this story when looking for an engagement ring for his future wife Lady Diana Spencer. He subsequently chose a beautiful sapphire and diamond cluster ring by Garrard.

This ring was later presented to Catherine Middleton upon her engagement to HRH Prince William in 2010.

The Emporium

Welcome to our virtual Emporium, where we are proud to present the House of Garrard’s current range of fine jewellery

Bag - Emporium

Our Collections

Each of our collections stems from an array of inspirational sources, be that a signature piece of high jewellery from our past, an emblem of British culture, elements from nature, or a reappraisal of the needs of today’s jewellery wearer.


Visitor’s Book

We invite all guests to become part of the House of Garrard story, so please sign our Visitor’s Book and record your time here.


The Vaults

Here in the Vaults you will find our most magnificent creations. Rejoicing in unfettered, breath taking leaps of creative design, each piece is a handcrafted, unique work of art and an heirloom in the making.

Vault Detail - Vaults

High Jewellery

The Jewels in Garrrad’s crown are our High Jewellery creations. Each exquisite piece is a labour of love starting with a spark of inspiration, from a beautiful collection of stones to the glorious landscape of historical British gardens, every design is created in our London studio and handcrafted by our skilled team to realise stunning works of art. Suites of jewellery, tiaras, headdresses and brooches, all showcase superb design, craftsmanship, and incredible gemstones and capture the romantic spirit of our historic British nation.