Jewelled Vault

A celebration of colour, an ever-evolving treasure chest of jewels

The Jewelled Vault takes its inspiration from the magnificent jewels owned by the Duchess of Edinburgh, Maria Alexandrovna.
In 1874 Maria travelled from Russia to marry Queen Victoria’s second son, Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh. She brought with her a substantial collection of jewels, which continued to grow as she commissioned new designs from Garrard. When the jewels were not worn, they were arranged by colour and kept in a heavily guarded walk-in vault at Clarence House, a royal residence on the Mall, London.

Pigeon Blood Ruby

Every design starts with the stone. Selecting the finest sapphires, rubies and emeralds, Garrard works to bring out their colour, cut and clarity in one-off creations.


Royal Blue Sapphire

The Duchess’s collection grew over time and so too will the Jewelled Vault, as new and remarkable gemstones are found.


Striking Emerald from Colombia

The Vault’s treasures are designed to complement each other: ring, earrings and necklace can be worn together or are equally striking on their own.

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Enchanted Palace Jewelled Bug Ring