High Jewellery

Every jewel starts with a spark of inspiration, whether from a beautiful collection of stones or the details of a historic British garden. The idea takes shape on paper and in the lines of pen and the sweep of paint. As details evolve, the design becomes real, handcrafted by the House Studio and made into a suite of jewellery, a tiara, brooch or necklace. Every finished piece showcases design, craftsmanship and stone, to join the ever-evolving story of the House of Garrard.

A Tiara to Treasure

The Garrard tiaras created for Britain’s royal family are among the most iconic jewels in the world. This tradition for perfectly proportioned, eye-catching design continues to evolve, with tiaras that are crafted by hand, modelled to fit and easy to wear.


Jewelled Vault

In its celebration of colour and character, inspired by the personal collection of the Duchess of Edinburgh in the 1800s, the Jewelled Vault brings together Garrard’s reputation for sourcing the most beautiful gemstones with its heritage of timeless design.

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Enchanted Palace Jewelled Bug Ring