Bring out the
sparkle of your
Garrard jewels
at home

Four simple steps to ensure your jewels are looking their brilliant best

With the increased frequency of handwashing that we are all doing at the moment, our hands are getting dry and there is a tendency to apply copious amounts of gloriously rich hand cream. This is nourishing for our skin but unfortunately not for our jewels, as creams and lotions stick to jewellery – diamond set pieces in particular. Diamonds attract grease which interferes with the way in which the light plays on the stone’s surfaces and moves to your eye, making the stone appear less brilliant.

Therefore, as well as protecting ourselves during these difficult times, we need to also protect our jewels. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that you can follow at home to help restore your jewels to their brilliant best.

Step one

For untreated, natural diamonds (which applies to all Garrard diamonds), first fill a bowl with a little warm water and a few drops of washing up liquid.

Step two

Put the jewellery into a small sieve or strainer (individually otherwise items may scratch against each other) before gently lowering this into the liquid and leaving it to soak for a few minutes. Swish the item around in the strainer and then remove it from the bowl of soapy water.

Step three

Lay the item on a soft, clean cloth or paper towel and gently go over it with a soft toothbrush.

Step four

Return the item to the strainer and rinse it delicately in lukewarm water, before drying it with a soft, clean cloth or paper towel.

This technique can be used with gold, platinum jewellery and most gemstones, although if you are using a cloth impregnated with cleaner, take care to not use a gold cloth on silver or a silver cloth on gold/platinum.

Please do not risk cleaning jewellery containing emeralds, pearls, opals or turquoise at home as these stones require specialist cleaning methods – don’t hesitate to contact us for more guidance.

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